A la Carte                                                                                  

first course


soup 12

daily preparation


organic spring greens 14

breakfast radish, strawberries almond butter, strawberry vinaigrette


grilled sourdough 16

ricotta, sweet peas, double smoked bacon,

pecorino, mint, puffed wild rice


truffle gouda arancini 18

shaved zucchini, zucchini puree, lemon peppercorn aioli 


steamed pei mussels 18

double smoked bacon, charred corn, cream, chili oil


seared scallops 20

sweet pea agnolotti, pea puree, puffed rice crisp, pickled wild leek


dry aged beef carpaccio 20

arugula, shaved handeck cheese, lemon vinaigrette, anchovy aioli

second course


vegetable 34

hand rolled cavatelli pasta, mushrooms, handeck cheese,

spinach, cherry tomatoes, arugula sauce



chicken breast 36

peppers, summer squash, eggplant, tomato sauce,

fried capers, zucchini puree 



roasted halibut 37

sweet pea risotto, brown butter, toasted almonds, pickled pearl onions, pea shoots


whey brined berkshire pork loin 38

roasted kohlrabi, double smoked bacon, peas, golden plum jus


smoked duck breast 42

grilled maitake, pickled cherries, sweet corn puree,

charred pearl onions, sweet corn tortellini, cherry jus



grilled dry aged AAA beef striploin 44

california cut striploin, roasted potatoes, mushrooms, spinach,

grilled garlic scapes, smoked strawberry bbq sauce

*Many items are naturally gluten free. For other dietary considerations please contact the restaurant prior to your visit to ensure we can have suitable selections for you*

Summer 2022

We are committed to offering high quality, seasonal and locally sourced menus.
Our farm-to-table philosophy dictates ever changing menu selections, especially during the growing season. If you have any questions regarding our current offerings, please contact us.

 tasting menu - sample menu

$125 per person


amuse bouche

daily preparation


house made sourdough bread

whipped and salted butter


scallop crudo

lemon/smoked chili oil/pickled pearl onions/radish

puffed rice crisp/black sea salt/crème fraiche


asparagus soup

crème fraiche/chive oil/chive blossoms


dry aged beef tartar

brioche/wild leek aioli/truffle oil

mustard greens/pickled wild leeks


poached egg

buttered asparagus/hollandaise sauce



apple cider spiced rum sorbet


Ontario lamb

Roasted lamb saddle/buttermilk fried sweet bread

grilled maitake/parsnip puree/wild leek sauce


frozen yogourt

rhubarb frozen yogourt/poached rhubarb

rhubarb puree/toasted walnuts

*requests for a tasting menu must be made at the time of your reservation*

*20% Gratuity will be added to tables of eight or greater.
Pleased advise your server of any allergies or dietary concerns