small plates

corn and black bean soup                                                              $10

with smoked chili oil, cilantro, lime and crème fraiche

bentum family farm greens                                                                $12

with tomatoes, radish, cucumber, fennel and maple vidal vinaigrette


sixthirtynine garden tomatoes                                                           $14

confit cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzerela, smoked tomato puree and basil

five brother’s cheese arancini                                                           $16

with beet aioli, pickled beets, candied walnuts and arugula     

dry aged family farmed beef tar-tar                                                   $18

​with mustard greens, puffed beef tendon, smoked chili oil, slow cooked egg yolk                              

large plates

gargenelli pasta                                                                                                          $30

with organic mushrooms, spinach, smoked cherry tomatoes, confit garlic and  handeck cheese

corn meal dusted pickerel                                                                $34

with charred zucchini, sweet corn ravioli, wild leek sauce and smoked chili oil

roasted chicken breast                                                                    $36

with za’atar spiced carrots, puffed wild rice, mint crème fraiche, sunflower sprouts

honey glazed duck breast                                                                                       $38

with smoked beets, grilled maitake mushroom, rosti potato, sweet corn puree

and fermented bluberry jus

8oz. family farmed beef striploin                                                      $40

with green beans, fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, brandied peppercorn sauce

classic cocktails                                                                                                 $13

fresh mint garden mojito

2oz. white rum, simple syrup, ½ fresh lime ,soda water, Mint for garnish


old fashioned

2 oz Makers Mark Bourbon, 4 dashes Angostura bitters



2 oz rye or bourbon,1 oz sweet vermouth,  Angostura bitters


martini 2.5oz

2.25 oz gin or vodka, dry vermouth



tom collins

2oz Top Shelf gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, soda water



2 oz white rum, lime juice, simple syrup



1.5 oz white tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, simple syrup


whisky sour

2 oz Canadian Whisky, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, angostura bitters


wine 5oz/glass



Sparkling – Giro Ribot Cava (Spain)                                                                           10/45

Echeverria Reserva Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)                                                                 12/50

13th St Pinot Gris VQA                                                                                            10/45

Leaning Post ‘The Fifty’ Chardonnay VQA                                                                    12/50



Malivoire Moira Rose                                                                                              10/45



Bachelder ‘Parfum’ Pinot Noir  VQA                                                                           12/50

Echeverria Reserva Cab. Sauv. (Chile)                                                                        12/50

Tawse Cabernet Franc VQA                                                                                     13/55

Old Vine Red Zinfandel (Cali)                                                                                   13/55   

Hidden Bench – Bordeaux Blend  VQA                                                                            70 



Upper Thames Brewing Co. Ltd.

Backpaddle Blonde Draft 12oz.                                                                                        8

Lazy Fox American Amber Ale Draft 12oz.                                                                          8


High Grade - IPA 500ml                                                                                               10  

Dream Pop – Sour Ale 500ml                                                                                        10

Meuse Brewing

Farmhouse Blond Ale  -  330ml                                                                                        8

New Limburg

Black Sheep – Milk Stout 500ml                                                                                     10  


Lug Tread – Lagered Ale 650ml                                                                                      12  

Revel Cider

Time & Place Dry Cider 355ml                                                                                         8


sweets                                                                                                                    $12

crème brulee

blueberry custard, caramelized top, hazelnut biscotti crumble,

lemon balm


brown butter tart                                                    

maple chantilly, candied walnuts and rosemary meringue  


chocolate mousse

dark chocolate mousse, cocoa nib, chocolate soil,

espresso meringue, mint, preserved cherries

after dinner drinks

Irish coffee (Whiskey, Irish Crème, 1.5oz)                                                                            9        

Spanish Coffee (Brandy, Tia Maria, 1.5oz)                                                                          9

Monte Cristo (Grand Marnier, Kahlua, 1.5oz)                                                                       9

Crispy Crunch (Crème de Cacao, Frangelico, 1.5oz)                                                             9

2016 Cave Spring ‘Indian Summer’ Riesling(2.oz)                                                                14

2017 Stratus Botrytised Semillon                                                                                        14

Southbrook ‘Framboise’ raspberry wine                                                                                10

Warres Otima 10yr. Port (2.oz)                                                                                          10

Taylor Fladgate 10yr Tawny Port (2.oz)                                                                                10

Sample Menu

We are committed to continue to offer high quality, seasonal and  locally sourced menus.
Our farm-to-table philosophy dictates ever changing menu selections, however our sample menu below is a strong reflection of the structure of menu that you can expect.


*20% Gratuity will be added to tables of eight or greater.

Pleased advise your server of any allergies or dietary concerns