COVID-19 policy

Our goal is to provide a safety conscious dining experience that meets standards set out by all regulating bodies during COVID-19. 

For immediate purposes, the following measures will be in place for the safety of all staff and guests.

*Guests experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, who have travelled outside of Canada in the last 2 weeks or have had contact with a case of COVID-19 are asked to make reservations only when it is safe to do so according to government regulations*

*Parties are asked to limit bookings to 10 guests, to comply with current government regulations. Guests in a party of 10 should comply with regulations indicating they have made a social circle or bubble*

*Please be cognizant of your party members. Oxford County has had very low cases of COVID-19 and we want to do our part to keep COVID-19 out of our establishment and at bay from our customers. If you question the safety of any guests in your party to our establishment, please make a reservation when it is safe to do so*

*If you are unsure as to whether it is safe for you or your guests to visit our space, please consider this self screening tool: copy and paste link into your browser:

*Your service staff will be donning masks and will be frequently hand washing and sanitizing. For your own personal safety and comfort please consider the use of a personal mask for entering and exiting our establishment*

*You will be asked at the time of your arrival to declare you have read and understood our policies as put forth on this web page*

*An established flow of traffic will be visible throughout the restaurant, please respect the flow of traffic to maintain social distancing*

*Servers will don masks and sanitizer will be available at every table, entry/exit point and washrooms*

*Washrooms will be single use, and require safe distancing if you need to stand in line*

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes will be made to your service model?

We will continue to offer a complete dining experience to our customers. You will be served a number of courses where social distancing can simply not be maintained. Your server will have clean hands and wear a mask in these instances. We will ask customers to refill water glasses and wine glasses to minimize repeated touching of shared surfaces, and minimize the number of times we have to come within 6ft of you.

Are you a vegetarian/vegan restaurant?

We are a farm to table restaurant. Although we do have a few vegetarian options, due to COVID-19 we regrettably cannot offer full accommodations at this time.

How often does the menu change?

Our Menus will continue to change seasonally, as locally sourced items are available for menu planning. Typically we change menus between 6 and 8 times a year.

Do you offer tasting menu's?

Tasting menu's will not be available in the immediate opening timeframe.

Do you charge a room rental for private functions?

We are not offering private functions at this time.

Can we bring our own cake/wine?

For the safety of staff and all guests, we will not be allowing outside products into our space.

Do you cater?

In the immediate time frame we will not be offering private catering.

Do you offer take-out?

Yes. Only to diners that have a reservation, in the event of inclement patio weather, we will offer meals at a lower price point in lieu of dining in.No other take out is able to be offered at this time.

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